Architected Futures - Under Construction
Under Construction

Welcome to the emerging Architected Futures Community

We are in transition (migration and consolidation of hosting arrangements) and not yet formally open for business here at our re-tooled, Wordpress site. If you don't mind browsing in a construction zone, you are welcome to enjoy the content in the current state. Just be forewarned, it may look different tomorrow.

If you are interesting in following what is going on behind the curtain there is a blog tracking the history of the construction of this site maintained at If you do nothing, and just sit on this page, you should eventually be redirected to the About page for that blog.

Coming Attractions

This site is being designed to host a Community of Practice (CoP) website. The Community of Practice will be centered around the application of architecture and engineering models, methods and principles to manage complex processes, products and organisms. It will provide a platform for dialog and discussion about, and the specification and development of, a software tool to aid in the application of these methods. The methods, and the software tool, are expected to provide substantial benefits in the management of business architectures and related complex problems. These methods and tools are primarily being developed from a background in software engineering and enterprise architecture development. However, the approach being followed is expected to have application in a variety of fields. Some of the techniques have been used in the past to document business processes and demonstrate and track regulatory compliance for audit purposes. There is an interest to develop the tools to assit in alternative futures evaluation, and to use the techniques for the study of social systems.

For more information on the background that led to this development, read The Road To Here and Now.

For more information on the facilities we are planning to incorporate in this site, read The Specification.

Hopefully you'll be interested in joining the community and participating in the journey.